Our Expertise

”What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”

Microsoft (.NET MVC)

  • From a technical standpoint, the organization of code within MVC is very clean, organized and granular, making it easier (hopefully) for a web application to scale in terms of functionality. Promotes great design from a development standpoint.
  • More than ever, web applications are increasingly becoming as rich as the applications you see on your desktops. With MVC, it gives you the ability to integrate with such toolkits (such as jQuery) with greater ease and more seamless than in Web Forms.
  • MVC is great for Search Engine Optimization as you control the URL and the HTML to a greater extent
  • MVC supports rapid and parallel development. If an MVC model is used to develop any particular web application then it is possible that one programmer can work on the view while the another can work on the controller to create the business logic of the web application. Hence this way, the application developed using the MVC model can be completed three times faster than applications that are developed using other development patterns.

Microsoft (Visual Basic)

  • Mainly Used For Desktop Application.
  • The structure of the Basic programming language is very simple, particularly as to the executable code.
  • VB is not only a language but primarily an integrated, interactive development environment (“IDE“).
  • The VB-IDE has been highly optimized to support rapid application development (“RAD”). It is particularly easy to develop graphical user interfaces and to connect them to handler functions provided by the application.
  • Visual Basic is built around the .NET environment used by all Microsoft Visual languages, so there is very little that can’t be done in Visual Basic that can be done in other languages (such as C#).

Custom App Development (Andriod / iOS)

  • Since the business apps are custom-built keeping your business requirements in mind, it acts like a comprehensive app performing diverse functions and negates the requirement of multiple apps. Also, as these apps are tailored to suit your working style, it enhances the employee productivity and in turn business ROI
  • General business apps may or may not have the specialized security features, which may put your business data to risk. Having a custom app made solely for your business can reinforce your data security system, as relevant security measures will be taken care of according to your business needs while app development
  • General business apps may be able to function smoothly with your existing software. Custom made apps are built taking into consideration your current business software and hence are guaranteed to integrate well and function without any errors
  • Custom apps can be installed to keep a real-time check on your project progress and deadlines. Updates can be sent after completion of each phase of the project and maintain the billing cycle for each stage of the project

Grpahics Design

  • Boosts brand awareness and name recognition
  • Saves time and money in the long run
  • Builds your brand’s visual identity
  • Boosts employee morale, pride and productivity
  • Makes you stand out from the competition
  • Reinforces professionalism
  • Improves the readability, structuring and presentation of heavy content
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Has the power of persuasion
  • Tells your story

Microsoft SQL Server

  • The MS SQL server has built-in transparent data compression feature along with encryption. Users don’t need to modify programs in order to encrypt the data. The MS SQL server has access control coupled with efficient permission management tools. Further, it offers an enhanced performance when it comes to data collection.
  • SQL Server uses Policy-Based Management to detect security policies that are non-compliant. This feature allows only authorized personnel access to the database. Security audits and events can be written automatically to log files.
  • SQL server includes effective data management and data mining tools along with disk partitioning. Your server’s optimum maintenance can be ensured by following effective data management practices. These practices also help you ensure the availability and recoverability of data.
  • It can be installed via a setup wizard and the prerequisite updates are detected and downloaded by the installer automatically. The complexity of installing the software is minimized significantly because of automatic installation of updates. Other components such as analytical and database services can be installed separately afterward. Automatic updation also reduces maintenance costs quite significantly.